Living Residences

Miracle Ranch includes 2 residences, the primary home is an 1840 sqft 1.5 storey ranch home with a private driveway, and the second is a house trailer. As the owner, you may choose to use the primary residence yourself, or make it available for on-site staff and build your own dream home elsewhere on the property.

The Residences


  • The principal residence is an 1840 (171m2) sq ft 1.5 storey farmhouse with a finished basement, built in 1932, completely renovated inside and out in 1980
  • It has 3 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom upstairs, and a main floor powder room and laundry area
  • A 12′ x 20′ sunroom was added on in 2001 (3.6m x 6.1m)
  • A 3 port detached garage is included (20′ x 40′) (6.1m x 12.2m)
  • The additional residence is a 3 bedroom 74′ x 16′ Bowes house trailer (22.5m x 4.9m)

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